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Our Professional And Certified Locksmith Team Is Here To Help You Get Back On The Road As Quickly As Possible.
If You Have Ever Lost Your Car Keys, You Know How Frustrating And Problematic It Can Be.

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We are a mobile service, so we usually are all day on the field. Just give us your location and we will come to you as quick as possible. We can come to your home, at work, at your local coffee shop, or anywhere you at. We’ll aim to fix your issue in about 1h, unless there is unexpected technical issues. We will find the best route to reach you in no time!

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We are a mobile service offering fast and reliable services across London and surroundings, supporting such as vehicle unlocking, car key replacement, spare car keys and car keys repair and much more. We can offer you professional and affordable services like a new key or a spare car key so you can be on the go in no time. We will come to your desired location, no matter if that it’s a home address or work address or anywhere on the roads, as we cover London, Northampton, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire and many more It’s often also more convenient and faster to choose car keys 24 instead of a dealer for auto key duplication. Not only can car keys 24 travel to your location if you need a key duplicated, we can help if you’re locked out of your vehicle and get you back on the road faster. Using a dealership, may be costly and timely. But you don’t need to pay Ferrari prices for a Honda-level need. Our company offers a vast range of lost car key services that will get you back on the road in no time. Contact us today to learn more about our car key services!


There is no need for you to come to us, we will come to you with the full equipment.


Our technicians use high end machines and equipment’s for unlocking or multiply the lost keys.


We offer the same great services as any other big brand company, of course much cheaper.


Tell us your location and your car key issue and we will come and make an assessment.

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Unlocking, car key repair, car key replacement, need a spare car key or help with your car steering lock, just choose depending on your need.

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Contact us to let us know what the issue on your car is, what your car make and model is, year of fabrication and depending on that we can provide affordable prices.

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Our experienced team will solve your issue in no time, depending on the service needed, car make and model.

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We offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.


We are a small team of professional auto locksmiths, trained in car keys programming, vehicle unlocking and keys repairs. We offer mobile services for any car key in London and surroundings. There is no car key that we can’t fix unless the issues come from a different source. For your own safety, and your car safety we are cancelling any old keys immediately where required.

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Most Common Question, Feel Free To Ask Anything


Can you make a car key from picture?

In theory yes. However, there is a way better, safe, secure and fast way to make a replacement key and it is by the VIN number of the car

Will I be charged for a call if the locksmith can’t get me in?

No. There are exceptions in rare circumstances, but we will spell them out before we come out.

Will my lock still work after you open it?

Yes, picking a lock does not damage the lock. The only exception is if the lock is already damaged or needs to be drilled. Then the lock will need to be replaced. Very, very rarely is drilling ever needed.

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